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Develop your ideas on how to Help and Support your Grandmother on her Birthday

When it’s about elders and taking care of them, I always think -because of my personal background- that it’s not only something that we must do, but we should try all the time to develop our ways to care of elders more in this busy and crowded life, so I believe technology could be the a great support for us to help the elderly.

I used to take care of my grandmother when I was at college, at that time I was living with her at her house, she is very nice and funny old woman and I really enjoy it lots being with her for more than two years, but life can take you a ways from people you love and want to be with. I had to work and maybe leave the whole country, of course I can not take her with me, for each person his own life, this has being said, and I will never forget those sweet days for ever, and I was wondering how I can help her after I leave.

The good thing is my uncle married on the same house where she live, it’s a big house with more than one apartment, and usually -for her protection- one of his kids spend the nights with her in case she need anything.

Nice story

After I moved to the United States, I can see here how most of the people forget about their elders, and they don’t care anymore like the old days. But it was good to meet that young guy from my wife’s family, he is that kind who like to support and help the elderly out, he was so nice to call a special cleaning franchise company and send them to his grandmother’s house before her birthday to do some cleaning work to be ready for her family, what a nice attitude.

I have learned something new from that day, I don’t have to be there to help anymore, I always can call and send help whenever needed and pay something for those who used to take care of us when were kids, thanks to technology and communications.

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7 Responses to “Develop your ideas on how to Help and Support your Grandmother on her Birthday”

  1. Aswani says:

    Wonderful post..Hisham. I really appreciate your caring attitude towards your grandma. Yes, it is one of the things that we forget to pay attention to our elders these days. You have told about US but it is happening everywhere even in India. We shouldn’t forget our roots..that is one of the things which I often keep in my mind. Glad that you found a service to help your grandma.

    Hope you are well. Keep in touch :)
    .-= Aswani´s last blog ..Social Media Networking – The excitement continues.. =-.

  2. Yasmine says:

    Nice story, Hisham. Living in a western country, I had an opportunity to work with elderly for more than 6 years. This great experience taught me a lot about people, relationships, caring for your family. It was very sad however to see some elderly people completely forgotten by their children and family.
    .-= Yasmine´s last blog ..Make Your Own ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ Poster For Free =-.

  3. Hisham says:

    @Aswani, Thank you Aswani for the great comment!

    Dealing with elders like a source of experience and respect is one thing that I will never forget, it’s related to the way I was educated!
    .-= Hisham´s last blog ..My impressions about Gust Blogging contest =-.

  4. Hisham says:

    I really appreciate your comment @Yasmine, it’s good to see people like you sharing their experiences!
    .-= Hisham´s last blog ..My impressions about Gust Blogging contest =-.

  5. Stuart says:

    People don’t show enough respect to old people, which is not just sad, but a little irrational. How much could one learn from the wisdom of someone who has been around to see so much? I’ve always found that spending time with the elderly is its own reward. There is nothing quite like the love of someone who has long since embraced being genuine.
    .-= Stuart´s last blog ..Persuasive Techniques =-.

  6. Hisham says:

    @Noeli, lol cool thing! I have found this image on the internet!

  7. Inge says:

    Being an American, I can see how we seem to discard our elderly. It is a very sad situation in our country. I think we forget all that they endured during their lifetimes just to survive.

    My grandmother is 94 and she lives very close to me. I don’t get to see her as often as I would like, but I do try and visit her as often as I can.

    I don’t know who enjoys these visits more, me or her!

    Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming post!

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