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What is Your Impressions about Amr Diab’s Summer Concert in Porto Marina (Photos)

This summer couldn’t be over in Egypt without Amr Diab’s Concert in Porto Marina, I was making this a surprise for my wife so I booked the tickets from Yallabina, there were 2 kinds of tickets, the normal and the VIP class, and the good thing was that I booked the VIP Class Tickets, it was a crazy concert.

For me it was not OK at all to wait all this time, specially that everything in the place was not organized well, everything was a mess and I am going to show you by photos what Amr Diab’s fans did to the place.

Bad.. Bad.. Concert Organizing!

I really don’t want to remember or talk about what happened since we arrived to Golf Porto Marina, because even that I had the VIP CLASS TICKETS but this is was a nightmare, because they told us that we have to replace the tickets we have with the original tickets before we can enter to the concert, and the surprise for me was that the tickets were late more than 2 hours and we was in the street some time and in the car the rest of time with the Air condition on because we can not handle being under the sun for hours.

Another crazy thing was when we entered inside to the place of concert, and we can see the food stores around but we can not buy food or even leave the VIP stage, security people was telling us to keep in our places all the time and the food will come to us, I just want to say that it was so very hard to stay with out food until 09:00 pm, means the whole day!! I just don’t want to use bad words on my blog to describe what really happened on the concert.

You will know what I mean when you check the dirty bathroom van for the VIP people! you will know what I mean when you got to your home at 7 am in the morning dying for your food and bed.

Amr Diab Shows on the time that he Should Leave!!

The new album has been released on the 27th of June, I believe there was more than 60.000 Fans of Amr Diab attended to the concert at Golf Porto Marina to enjoy his new album Wayah, and this was crazy because Amr was late more than 5 hours, he show after 12:00 am, He apologized and told us that “You really can not imagine what happened to me today” !! He signed for around 3 hours.

The weird thing is….

When Arm shows, everything changed, people start to concentrate on the music and on him and they forgot about what happened during the day before he shows. Yeah.. Yeah.. Fans!!

OK.. I must say that my wife was not complaining lots and she was happy with my surprise and this is even weired thing to me -:)

I already told you about My Impressions and Feeling about the Concert!

And now.. I will leave you with these photos, so if you attended to the concert tell me your impression and feelings about it. if you are welling to attend the coming concert for Amr Diab then you knew what happened with us, so be ready for that because it could happen to you.

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12 Responses to “What is Your Impressions about Amr Diab’s Summer Concert in Porto Marina (Photos)”

  1. Hisham says:

    @Sam sall, After this one.. I knew that all concerts in Egypt is a disaster!
    .-= Hisham´s last blog ..How to Follow Only Who are Following me on Twitter =-.

  2. Sam sall says:

    I did not attend the concert but It sounds it was like a disaster however I’m an Amr Diab fan and although he is not that young ,his music and performance on stage can fix any wrong in the backstage
    .-= Sam sall´s last blog ..saudi board exam questions internal medicine =-.

  3. Hicham says:

    Many of my friends complained of his concenrts in Egypt because it seems that people tend to be careless. Nevertheless, I wonder what about the difference between the ‘VIP’ and ‘Orignal’ tickets since they replaced them?
    .-= Hicham´s last blog ..The Giza Zoo: Boo! =-.

  4. Hayat says:

    I think there were no difference on the tickets,as you can see on the pictures,what i think happens was they resale the VIP twice or trice, lol I never been in VIP place with 2 or 3 thousand other VIP. I was about to kick someone to let me see AMR DIAB at least from far away but i didn’t coz i understand everybody wants to see him but i pushed away a few girls lol if i don’t do this, then will be like i were at my home listening him on my boom box :) .What else can i say very bad organization.

  5. The concert was great, and Amr Diab performed outstandingly as always. If you attended the concert, you definitely got your money worth it of music and entertainment. On the other hand, organization of the concert was a complete fiasco. The concert was definitely over booked; there was about 60,000 people inside the arena, and about additional 20,000 outside that were not allowed in because the arena was full. Half of the individuals who were not allowed inside the arena claimed that they had tickets for the concert.

    Inside the arena, there were no rulers that applied to anything. The situation was chaotic. Everyone stood wherever he/she can, smoked whenever he/she pleased, screamed with or without music, and believe it or not, many were saying either Ahley…Ahley or Zamalik, Zamalik, a clear indication that they lost there minds due to the long awful wait. The doors were opened around 7:00 pm and Amr Diab showed up on the stage five minutes before 1:00 am. For his defense, however, one security guard told me that the start of the party was delayed by the organizers because some high ranking government official were supposed to attend the party, but were running late. Eventually, they called and said that they are not coming. At that time the party was allowed to start.

    I did not worry about the cleanliness of the toilets, because in the non-VIP area there were none.

    If should be noted that had you decided to leave the concert early, there was no chance of that. Because, as retarded as it can be, the organizers allowed all parked cars to block each other. So you had to wait until the party was over at around 4:00 in the morning, and another hour after that before you can move your car. That is what happened to me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Amr’s music and talent, but cannot forget the irresponsible folks who almost ruined the party with poor organization, and also those kids who smoked irritatingly during the whole concert with no consideration to others. The young lady next me, fainted because she was overwhelmed by the smoke.

  6. Bader Al-Shawi says:

    GOSH, im sorry guys lool .. WHAT A BAD ORGANIZATION !!. i mean i didnt attend but to be honest i will do anything to see amrs performance. allright,let me ask you something . did it worth it ??? i mean the shitty organization did it worth seeing amr diab .. i know i could handle that but its tirrble .anyways , the same problem happend last year 2008 concer the same exact problem with the aweful orgnaization. However, lets pray that next concert is goin to be better and better .. and i wish that they give amr diab and his fans what they wish for couse this artist is known world wide and he deserves an international concert .not like this ..

    anyways .. thanks for the topic i dont even know how i came to this blog but it was fun reading it ..thanx

  7. Hisham says:

    @Bader Al-Shawi, Amr Diab has a great performance, the problem was the organizing of the consent, maybe next year it will be better and you can enjoy it!

  8. Hisham says:

    @Hassan E. Hussein, Well.. what else I can add, thanks for the nice comment Hassan!

  9. Yes. The music was great and Amr was superb as always. It should be noted, however, that the most amazing and bizarre thing that happened to me this summer was that in the week that followed Amr’s concert, precisely on August 13, 2009, I attended Hayfaa Wahbi and Raghib Alama’s concert in a small resort town near Matroh, North Coast. The organization of that party was even worse, actually much worse, than that of Amr’s concert.

    At any rate, I learned years back that no matter how bad a situation is, one can always find something to enjoy in it. In the two situations I mentioned above, I did enjoy the talent of the performers, and the music. I also enjoyed taking photos and recording short video clips. You will find the photos posted at:, and the video clips played on (Search under the user name hehussein).
    .-= Hassan E. Hussein´s last blog ..Hayfaa Wahbi 2009 =-.

  10. MOSTAFA DIABB says:

    The best singer Amr Diab, Egyptian and African rock the best singer in the world with the largest audience on the level of Africa and the Arab world
    To be the strongest singer and offers the latest kinds of music
    It is the Lord’s spiritual music Mediterranean Sea
    Music is the inventor of the Mediterranean

  11. Hisham says:

    @MOSTAFA DIABB, Seem that you are a big fan :)

  12. ahmed egypt says:

    very good concert

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